Previous Pitches

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March 2021

MODL Outdoors manufactures a new type of tool – the utility bottle. Versatile and packable, MODL was made to help you do more with less. Today, their mission has evolved to creating gear that empowers people to explore the outdoors in a more seamless and natural way. Nature holds billions of years of wisdom and we believe exploring the outdoors is a source of inspiration that brings us closer to truth of the natural world and the world we create. MODL is as open-ended as your imagination.

ActivArmor™ Product and ProcessThere are so many reasons that ActivArmor’s watersafe, hygienic, fully custom, and breathable orthoses are superior to the existing casting and splinting technologies. The proprietary ActivArmor™ process includes a scan (precise to 0.5 mm), creating a 3D model of the patient’s limb, and designs a completely individualized and fitted splint based on the physician’s specific positioning and instructions for each patient’s unique needs. The ActivArmor™ device is then custom fabricated for the patient from 100% recyclable ABS plastic.

Laborjack: Need a team to help you for a big day of moving? Or someone to fill a labor position in your business for a few months? Laborjack provides on-demand access to pre-screened, top-notch workers for a wide variety of tasks. Through our proprietary software, we can streamline your moving experience, next big yard project, or staffing needs. 

February 2021

Barn Owl Drone Services is a company focused on Agriculture, the surrounding  communities, and all invested in the industry. Founded in 2017, after seeing a lack of technological support for farmers in rural areas; we provide farm specific service plans to help Farmers capitalize on growth opportunities and prevent crop damage.

Spark Mindset is looking to break the cycle of poverty in historically disadvantaged communities through cybersecurity training for high school and adult students. They acknowledge they are operating in a rapidly changing, unpredictable, and exciting world and believe in a core set of 21st century skills that are essential to out staff and students at Spark Mindset to make an impact in their lives and the world.  

January 2021

Bravvr was Founded by Brock Predovich, Bravrr makes BruxRelief, a novel wellness device for migraines, neck pain, jaw pain, and dizziness. BruxRelief allow users to track and alert them of clenching and grinding behaviors during the day and night. This feedback allows people to pinpoint the moment in which stress manifested in clenching and grinding so that they could take steps to reduce stress and stop these painful behaviors.

F3TCH has designed a patented mobile application for hotels & resorts that allows guests to use their own smartphone as their hotel guest room telephone. Not only is F3TCH better – better technology, easier to use, more modern – it is also fully integrated to handle Voice, SMS, and Rich Text. F3TCH is continually building upon its technology, so stay in touch to learn about upgrades and other changes.